Where Can I Buy a Waitress Pad Holder?


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Waitress pad holders are available through online superstores as well as online and brick-and-mortar restaurant supply stores. Several styles are available. Other names for these products are waiter, server and waitstaff pad holders.

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Restaurant supply stores often give discounts when purchasing multiple pad holders. Online superstores typically don't offer volume discounts, but some offer free shipping.

Online and offline retailers carry several different pad holder styles. Most are made of vinyl or leather.

At the high end are waitstaff organizers, or waitstaff books, which feature pockets and compartments that hold checks, cash, receipts, the server's point-of-sale swipe card, change, a pen and a calculator in addition to the pad. Organizers often come with one or more pads designed specifically for the organizers. The organizers allow servers to carry everything they need in one place.

A bifold, wallet-style waitress pad holder has one panel with either a slot where the pad's cardboard backing is inserted or a binder clip that holds the pad in place. The other panel has one or more pockets for cash and receipts.

A standard waitress pad holder functions like a clipboard with a binder clip to hold the pad and a sturdy backing to support the pad as the server writes in it. This basic holder lacks more complex features, but its smaller size may make it easier to slip into an apron pocket.

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