Where Can You Buy Straw Bales?


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Agricultural supply and feed stores, nurseries, garden supply stores and some farms sell straw bales. Availability may depend on the season. Websites such as StrawBaleMarket.com also list classified ads for straw bales.

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Where Can You Buy Straw Bales?
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Straw bales have recently become more popular for non-agricultural uses, such as gardening and even building construction.

Straw bales can be used to create gardens by laying them on the ground and planting a garden on top. They make gardening easier on gardeners' backs, but they can also be susceptible to odor and weeds.

Straw bale buildings are made by stacking and plastering bales to create walls. Straw bale buildings are inexpensive and extremely well insulated. However, the walls are very thick and can be susceptible to moisture.

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