How can you buy stock in Walmart?


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To buy stock in WalMart, or any other company, you need to use a stockbroker, explains Investopedia. Stockbrokers are licensed to buy and sell stocks on behalf of their customers. There are various types of stockbrokers, from discount online brokers to full-service brokers and money managers.

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How can you buy stock in Walmart?
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Online stockbrokers generally charge low fees on a per trade basis, according to Investopedia. Stockbrokers offer various types of accounts, states Forbes, and a brokerage account is required for trading stocks. Sign-up information required by online stockbrokers, such as ETrade.com, generally includes your name, address, date of birth, social security number and employment information. After signing up for an account, find Walmart stock using the Walmart stock code WMT.

Other types of stockbrokers offer additional services, such as comprehensive financial advice and portfolio management, explains Investopedia. These stockbrokers often charge much higher fees.

Some websites, such as GiveaShare.com, sell individual stock certificates for Walmart and other companies. While these are authentic Walmart shares, hard-copy stock certificates are no longer necessary to prove stock ownership, states Investopedia. Websites such as GiveaShare.com often charge a huge mark-up on individual stock certificates. For instance, at one point during 2015, traders sold Walmart stock for $72.40 on the open market, according to Yahoo Finance, while GiveaShare.com sold its cheapest authentic Walmart stock certificate for $137.

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