Where Can You Buy a Soda Vending Machine?


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Soda manufacturers typically have their own branded machines, and many offer machine rentals so long as you purchase the soda from them directly. Online resources such as UsedVending.com provide consignment arrangements, whereas UsedVending.com acts as a broker, coordinating sales between sellers and buyers.

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Owning your own machine may have its benefits despite the initial cost outlay, because you can fill the machine using any supplier you choose. Determining whether to buy a machine outright or to enter a lease or rental agreement with a distributor depends on your situation, and each option has particular differences worth consideration. Soda distributors can provide vending machines under lease or rental arrangements, but they generally require minimum purchases of soda per month at rates they determine. Distributors do, however, maintain the equipment, which can be costly.

Purchasing a machine outright may require a steep financial investment at first, but your ability to choose what product to stock in your machine may outweigh the cost, and over time you may realize higher profits. A rented machine with a service plan can offset the labor required to maintain and refill a machine, which is a particular concern for entrepreneurs wishing to use their machines as extra income. Whether you go with a distributor or buy a machine outright, property owners may command a fixed rental fee or a percentage of sales to allow the machine to be on their properties.

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