Where Can You Buy Parts for Husky Air Compressors?


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As of 2015, parts for Husky air compressors can be purchased at AirCompressorPartsOnline.com, The Home Depot and MasterToolRepair.com. Each retailer sells parts for several types and models of Husky air compressors.

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AirCompressorPartsOnline.com offers parts for vertical and horizontal Husky air compressors, including both fixed and portable models. The company sells parts such as hoses, tanks, pressure switches, drain valves and shoulder bolts. Kits for motors, power cords, wheels, fans and pistons are also available for purchase at AirCompressorPartsOnline.com.

The Home Depot offers parts for Husky air compressors such as valves, pressure gauges, draincocks, bowl filters and compressor filters. Extended drain valve assemblies for Husky air compressors are also available at The Home Depot, as is Husky-brand synthetic blend, non-detergent air compressor oil.

MasterToolRepair.com offers parts for vertical and horizontal oil-bath and electric Husky air compressors. The company sells parts that are compatible with stationary and portable models. Parts for Husky air compressor tanks available from MasterToolRepair.com include rear covers trays, pressure gauges, left and right shroud halves, safety valves and motor brackets. Parts for Husky air compressor pumps sold by MasterToolRepair.com include crankcases, filters, oil seals, rotors and bearings. The company also sells kits containing multiple parts to repair gaskets, pistons, cylinders, drain plugs and fans.

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