Where Can You Buy Maple Syrup Bottles?


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Leader Evaporator's online website, Fillmore Container and the Specialty Bottles site all cater to varying degrees to bottling and, in some cases, producing maple syrup. These sites sell bottles for maple syrup in glass, in plastic and in ceramic and ship both in bulk and in smaller lots for personal use.

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Leader Evaporator carries everything needed to begin or keep up a maple syrup tapping and bottling operation. Its bottles are available in various sizes and are primarily a glass selection, though they do deal in plastic bottles available in larger lots. The site is a good resource for do-it-yourself types.

Fillmore Container has a vast array of maple syrup bottling options on offer. They range in size from just a few ounces to multiple gallons and are available in a wide variety of materials, meaning that it's easy to customize an order to suit a particular set of needs or the general vibe of a kitchen or pantry.

Specialty Bottle also deals in a wide variety of containers, but its selection hews more toward novelty and special items. There are still plenty of functional options available to shoppers but the site does host a large selection of iconic designs like the honey bear and other bottles.

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