Where Can You Buy Kroil Oil?

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil is available for purchase from the manufacturer's website, KanoLabs.com. Alternatively, it is also available from Amazon.com, Sears or MidwayUSA. EBay offers the product as well.

Kroil is available in a number of sizes, with the most common being 8 ounces and a gallon. It is also available in a variety of delivery mechanisms, notably aerosol and non-aerosol containers. Kroil can also have additives to make it more effective, such as graphite in the Penephite product that allows the oil to prevent future rust buildup in addition to cleaning out what is already present.

The product is a hazardous chemical and therefore faces certain shipping restrictions when purchased online. MidwayUSA does not ship the product via air transport, through the United States Postal Service or to a P.O. box, and Amazon.com does not accept returns on the product.