Where Can You Buy Inexpensive Checks?

Where Can You Buy Inexpensive Checks?

Some retailers of inexpensive checks include SuperValue Checks, Checks Unlimited and CheckAdvantage. Each of these companies offers both personal and business checks, along with a range of check accessories such as checkbook covers.

SuperValue Checks offers a discount on initial check purchases through their site and a guarantee that, for reordering those checks, the price will not go up. Among its business product range, the company offers a wide variety of high security checks, computer checks and home desk checks.

As a manufacturer as well as a retailer, CheckAdvantage can afford to keep check prices highly competitive. The company can also ensure the high quality of their checks. Unlike many other check retailers, all of CheckAdvantage's decorative checks feature entirely original and proprietary designs.

In addition to its low prices and commitment to quality, CheckAdvantage also advertises its strong track record for completing orders that are both punctual and accurate. The company estimates its success rate in these spheres to be 99 percent and 99.9 percent, respectively.

Online orders for checks may take up to 5 business days to be delivered to customers, however, Checks Unlimited offers an express delivery option of 2 business days. Checks from this company can also be ordered by mail by citing the correct product code.