Where Can You Buy Homes With Back Taxes?


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Tax lien sales are part of the public record and information is available by contacting the local revenue officer responsible for enforcing property taxes, as Bankrate claims. If the home was foreclosed due to a tax obligation, the county tax collector may auction the home publicly, as SF Gate reports.

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Investors should carefully evaluate the property's value before bidding and obtain detailed information on the delinquent tax obligation, as Bankrate claims. Tax lien sales allow buyers to purchase the rights to receiving payments on the delinquent tax debt. Under certain conditions the homeowner may stay in default and the tax lien investor receives ownership of the home at a substantial discount. Otherwise, the homeowner keeps the home if proper payment of the original debt with interest is made to the investor.

Buyers may find auctions offering homes foreclosed on because of delinquent taxes by reviewing local newspapers or inquiring at county courthouses for auction information, as SF Gate claims. Home inspections are not usually available before bidding, and buyers should visit the property addresses they are interested in before the auction. If any unpaid liens exist, the buyer is responsible for the unsatisfied debts after purchasing the home. Professional assistance from a real estate attorney allows buyers to learn more about any liens on the title before buying.

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