Where Can I Buy Foreign Currency?

can-buy-foreign-currency Credit: Robert Clare/Taxi/Getty Images

Places to buy foreign currency while still within the United States include banks, online foreign exchange venues and Travelex stores. Many banks have foreign currency on hand in designated branches, according to Wells Fargo, but less common currencies can be ordered online.

Bank of America states that foreign currency is available to customers who have had accounts for more than 30 days and have not had an address change within 30 days. Orders of foreign currency are shipped the same day if the order is placed before 2:00 p.m., and amounts over $1000 must be picked up in person at a local branch, per Bank of America's stated rules as of 2015.

Travelex allows anyone to buy foreign money in one of more than 100 currencies, as of 2015. The money can be ordered online or picked up in person, with locations inside airports and retail venues throughout the United States. Home delivery is also available for an additional fee, with three different delivery options, according to the Travelex website.

Online venues such as International Currency Express allow easy ordering of foreign bills from their website, with a wide variety of currencies available. Exchange rates are generally lower than exchanging money after arrival at an international destination, according to International Currency Express. A processing fee is applied to every order, as evidenced by the online site tools.