Where Can You Buy Auction Supplies?

Auction supplies are available at the National Auction Supply House, KieferAuctionSupply.com and AdmitOneProducts.com, as of 2015. Additional sources for bidding cards, clerking tickets and bid paddles include AuctionSupplyPro.com and TopFlightAuctionForms.com.

National Auction Supply House sells a wide variety of auction supplies including bid paddles, bidder cards, clerking tickets and labels. The supply house is located in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, and its online retail store is located at NASH.cc.

Kiefer Auction Supply features bid cards and paddles, clerking supplies and lotting labels and tags. The auction supplies retailer also sells signs, banners and crowd control tape. Auction Supply Pro features a variety of auction products, including gavels, lecterns, projectors and chairs.