Where Can You Buy an AccountNow Prepaid Card?

AccountNow prepaid cards can be requested without charge online at the official AccountNow website. Individuals wishing to sign up for this prepaid debit card can choose between the AccountNow Visa Classic debit card or the AccountNow Visa Gold debit card.

As of March 2015, individuals who choose the AccountNow Visa Classic debit card are subject to a one-time $4.95 activation fee, though there is no monthly fee associated with this card. Each purchase on this card costs cardholders $1, and ATM withdrawal fees are $2.50 each. No fees aside from the $1 per purchase fee are charged for withdrawing cash when making a purchase at a retail location, and no reload fees are charged when cardholders use direct deposit of paychecks or government benefits checks.

Individuals who choose the AccountNow Visa Gold debit card are charged a $9.95 monthly fee, though no purchase or activations fees are charged. ATM withdrawal fees run $2.50, with no additional charge arising from withdrawing money during a purchase at a retail location. Direct deposits of paychecks and government benefits checks cost the cardholder nothing, and as of March 2015, cardholders may receive a $15 bonus for signing up with a qualifying direct deposit.

Both of these AccountNow debit cards can be reloaded using Green Dot's Reload @ the Register service for a fee of $3.74 at Walmart and $4.95 at other retail locations. Other reload options include Western Union, Visa ReadyLink and MoneyGram Express payment.