Where Can You Buy an Abandoned Missile Silo?


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Companies such as Hardened Structures and Luxury Survival Condo offer abandoned missile silos (or portions thereof) for sale. While federal government practice as of March 2015 is to implode decommissioned silos, people can negotiate purchases before the destruction occurs, notes the U.S. General Services Administration.

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If people are interested in decommissioned missile silos that are still owned by the government, the purchasing process involves either a competitive sealed bid sale or a negotiated sale. After the transaction takes place, the U.S. General Services Administration provides a quitclaim deed relinquishing its claim to the property. The GSA chooses the bid that reflects the best interests of the government, which means that the highest bid does not necessarily win. The Realty Officer communicates with the winning bidder and returns bid deposits to others who had sought to purchase the site, according to the U.S. General Services Administration.

Luxury Survival Condo has turned Atlas missile silos into luxury condominiums and offers them for sale, ranging from half-floor units starting at $1.5 million for 920 square feet to penthouse units starting at $4.5 million for about 3,200 square feet, as of March 2015. Hardened Structures has converted former Titan and Atlas missile solos into hardened shelters for people interested in that sort of dwelling or refuge.

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