What Can You Buy With $1?


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Countless items can be purchased for $1, including food, party favors, decorations, cleaning supplies, stationary and seasonal novelty items. These items may be subject to local taxes, adding just a few cents to the final price.

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The Dollar Tree is a national value store that offers all the merchandise in its stores for $1 as of 2014. This store is known for the wide variety of items it offers, including housewares, automotive supplies, toys, craft items, teaching materials and other products. Items found at other stores for a higher price are often found at this retailer. Common food products, such as seasonings, snacks, beverages, frozen items and candy, can be purchased here as well.

Items for $1 can be found at other stores, including supermarkets, convenience stores, retail outlets such as Walmart and Big Lots, and countless others. Individuals can find items for $1 in different sections of these stores, such as household cleaning, food and stationary. When these and other companies have sales, individuals may be able to purchase items in these stores for $1 with or without additional coupons.

Other essential items available for $1 include double-sided tape, greeting cards, batteries, plastic utensils, reading glasses, balloons, small flashlights, tooth brushes, laundry baskets, mops and brooms, and many other household goods.

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