Where Can You Find Businesses That Are Hiring Near You?

Where Can You Find Businesses That Are Hiring Near You?

Job seekers can find listings of businesses hiring in their areas by searching company websites or on career sites like Monster and Craigslist. Job fairs and networking are other ways to find businesses looking to hire new employees.

Job seekers can search career sites, such as Simply Hired, Indeed and Monster, by area. These websites also provide tools to upload or build resumes. When a job seeker has a resume posted on these sites, employers have the option to pull a resume at any time to see if the applicant makes a good candidate for an employee within that company.

Networking by former co-workers and friends is anther way to find businesses hiring in the local area. Checking local alumni offices is a great way to obtain information on local businesses looking to hire.

Company websites often list openings, and some allow candidates to submit resumes digitally. Applicants should update their resumes weekly when posting online to avoid the resume sinking to the bottom of the list.

Craigslist is another option to search for local jobs, by searching the Craigslist listing of the city of the applicant's interest. Applicants can also post resumes on Craigslist, and all job seekers should approach using Craigslist with caution to avoid scams.