How Can You Get a Business Listed in a Phone Directory?


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Get a business listed in a phone directory by contacting the directory directly and providing the necessary information. Sites such as ListYourself.net and SuperPages.com also allow users to submit business information online, with ListYourself.net exclusively serving the 411 directory service.

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To get a business listed in the 411 phone directly, visit ListYourself.net, and fill out the appropriate form on the site. Include the business's address and phone number, and verify the information through the generated phone call. It may take several days for the information to appear in the directory. Alternatively, call 411 and inform the operator that you own a business that is not listed. Many phone books also require you to call in to the customer service center to establish ownership of the business and include the correct information in its next publication.

SuperPages.com allows users to sign up for a free listing in its directory service through its online form. At the bottom of the home page under Directory, click on Free Advertising. Enter the phone number of the business to create the listing, then provide additional information, such as an address or website. It may be necessary to contact the site's support team to edit an existing listing or sign up for advertising through the service.

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