How Can You Build a Mail Order Catalog for a Small Business?


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Steps required to build a small business mail order catalog include choosing products that sell well, finding trustworthy drop shippers, creating a catalog budget, and planning and mailing catalogs. The key to running a successful mail order catalog business is selling items that appeal to a niche market of buyers.

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A good rule of thumb to follow when building a small business mail order catalog is to sell what you know. A company should stay within its realm of expertise and not offer items outside its niche. For example, a business that specializes in selling outdoor camping equipment shouldn't confuse customers by selling unrelated goods such as home furnishings. A company that provides useful knowledge about items in the catalog is more likely to experience sales success. In addition, companies should do market research to determine what type of goods sell best within a particular industry niche.

After deciding what to sell, the next step involves researching drop shipping companies to find the most reliable sources for catalog goods. Drop shippers are a crucial part of the mail order catalog supply chain, because they are responsible for packing and shipping items to customers. Small businesses must adequately budget for costs associated with designing the catalog, printing it and mailing it to consumers. Hire an experienced designer to create the catalog layout, and an experienced product copywriter to make items appealing to mail order buyers.

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