How Can I Get More Benefits From Weight Loss?


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The benefits of weight loss can be increased by finding a weight loss partner, increasing physical activity in moderate ways and drinking more milk to improve the teeth and further increase weight loss, according to Dr. Travis Stork. Weight loss also offers the chance to receive psychological benefits in the form of confidence and the belief that the individual is taking direct steps to improve his life.

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Many of the extra benefits of weight loss are social rather than physical, according to Dr. Stork. This includes getting noticed at work by both coworkers and managers. Each group may view weight loss as a sign that a person is driven by goals, increasing chances of career success and promotion. Weight loss can also increase social opportunities through increased numbers of friends. Weight loss also offers opportunities to experience an increase in the frequency and quality of sex, as a lower weight helps maintain a higher level of testosterone. A weight reduction of 10 percent can dramatically increase sexual satisfaction. Simple exercises, such as walking for at least 30 minutes a day, can increase the satisfaction of both the person who has lost weight and that person's sexual partners, according to Dr. Stork.

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