How Can You Benefit From Free Shredding Services in Houston?

Benefits of attending free shredding events at Houston-area locations include getting rid of unwanted documents containing sensitive personal information, getting rid of obsolete documents taking up storage space and aiding the environment. Free shredding services use cross-cutting machines that completely destroy documents. Free shredding events are held at convenient locations and offer individuals and businesses an easy way to safely dispose of documents.

Identity theft is a major concern and free shredding services in Houston help deter the theft of information such as credit card and social security numbers. Documents thrown away haphazardly in the trash can sometimes end up in the hands of unscrupulous persons who use it illegally. For those not inclined to purchase a shredder, using free shredding services is a good option. Personal documents that should be shredded include bank statements, ATM receipts, canceled checks, pre-approved credit card applications, pay stubs and insurance forms. Companies can remain in legal compliance to the law by shredding documents containing a client's private information.

Getting rid of clutter is another motivating factor for using free shredding services. Documents that no longer serve a useful purpose should be purged. Shredding paper documents is a great way to avoid adding mounds of paper to landfills. Most paper that is shredded for free is taken to a recycling center for processing.