How Can You Become a Vet?


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Become a veterinarian by taking the right undergraduate classes, keeping up a good GPA, volunteering with a veterinarian and getting letters of recommendation from professors. Taking the GRE, applying to veterinary school and finishing school are the final steps in becoming a vet.

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  1. Take the right undergraduate classes

    Take science undergraduate classes. You need to take biology and physics classes and labs, general and organic chemistry classes and labs, biochemistry or molecular biology classes and mathematics classes.

  2. Keep up a good GPA

    Keep up a high GPA with a minimum of 3.5.

  3. Do volunteer work

    Volunteer or get an internship to work with animals or veterinarians.

  4. Get letters of recommendation

    Find professors or veterinarians who are willing to give you letters of recommendation when it comes time to apply for veterinary school. You need at least three letters.

  5. Take the GREs

    During your junior or senior year, take the GRE or Graduate Record Examinations that most graduate schools require during the application process.

  6. Decide on where you want to apply for veterinary school

    Decide early in your last year or two of college where you want to apply for veterinary school so you can make sure that you fulfill all the requirements.

  7. Apply for veterinary school

    Apply for veterinary school during the fall of your last year of school. Make sure to have all the paperwork turned in well in advance of the deadline, which generally falls around October. Veterinary schools that are interested in your application set up interviews with you.

  8. Complete veterinary school

    Complete the four required years of veterinary school and take the veterinarian's oath.

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