How Can You Become a Tutor?


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Aspiring tutors need to determine their subject expertise, develop a client base and decide on their pay rate. Private tutoring can be a source of extra income or a full-time job.

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The first step for aspiring tutors is to examine their experience and decide which subjects they feel comfortable tutoring. There is a market for tutors in nearly every available academic subject, along with a substantial market for standardized test tutoring, including the SAT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT. Beginning tutors may feel less confident in their abilities and have trouble distinguishing themselves from other tutors, so one strategy is to start out working for tutoring service such as Kaplan or The Princeton Review. Working with these companies can give tutors the confidence and skills they need to set themselves apart from competitors.

Next, tutors need to build a client base. Posting fliers around school campuses and posting ads on Craigslist are common practices, but many client connections are made based on word of mouth. Tutors can enlist friends, family members and current clients to spread the word to others. Visiting schools and talking to guidance counselors or academic advisors is another way to connect with clients.

Finally, tutors need to determine their pay rate. Hourly rates for tutors can range anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. Ultimately, tutors need to determine what they feel their skills are worth and match this against what clients are willing to pay.

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