How Can I Become a Stand-up Comedian?

How Can I Become a Stand-up Comedian?

To become a stand-up comedian, come up with material, watch other comedians, get on stage and stick to your time. Tape your performances to help improve your routine.

  1. Come up with material

    Develop a routine that you are comfortable with. Be yourself and come up with your own writing style. Carry a notebook around to write down your thoughts and ideas.

  2. Watch other comics

    Visit comedy clubs to watch live comedy. Take notes on the styles of the comedians you like. Learn from the mistakes of those you don’t. Create networks with other comics, promoters and club owners to make it easier to get booked. Do not steal other comic’s jokes.

  3. Get on stage

    Get booked to clubs. Where possible, do multiple gigs a night. This gives you experience, and helps with your confidence. Learn from your performances and streamline your routine each time.

  4. Stick to your time

    Be sure to stay within the allotted time. This ensures that other comedians also get their time to perform. Also avoid taking less time than you agreed to take. Establish a reputation as a professional by keeping time.

  5. Tape your performances

    Record your performances, and review them after the show. Do not over-analyze but rather look for areas for improvement. Show the tapes to promoters or agents to advance in your career.