How can you become a parole officer?


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A person can become a parole officer by completing a degree program; passing a background investigation; achieving a passing score on an exam given at city, state or federal levels; and applying for a position. The completion of a training programs is required in most states.

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In order to become a parole officer, a person must first obtain a degree in a field such as Criminal Justice or Social Services. The specific degree needed depends on the desired position. While some states only require an associate or bachelor degree, a post-graduate degree is often required for positions offered at a federal level. Some colleges conform the curriculum to teach duties and procedures specific to the state.

Because the position falls as one within the criminal justice system, passing a thorough background check is necessary. This may include a search for felonies, misdemeanors and traffic violations. It may also include a credit check, as well as professional and personal reference verification. It may also include a search of known possible gang affiliations.

An exam must then be passed. The exam varies depending on level at which a person is tested. Once this exam is passed, a person can apply for a job as a parole officer and complete the training program specific to the position.

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