How Can I Become a Nanny in Europe and Make $500 or More Every Week?

How Can I Become a Nanny in Europe and Make $500 or More Every Week?

A successful nanny in Europe can make upward of $500 per week. Meeting the chosen country's employment guidelines, having the right qualifications and experience, ensuring that required certification is completed and having good references are all vital in order to find the best jobs in this field./

  1. Pick a country

    Choose a European country, and research the requirements for getting employment as a nanny there.

  2. Meet employment requirements

    Apply for the correct passport and work visa. Use expedited services if they are needed urgently; otherwise, apply at the start of the job-seeking process in order to be ready when the right position comes along.

  3. Send for a Criminal Records Bureau check

    It's important for nannies to provide evidence that they don't have criminal records. In particular, there should be no issues involving children. Visit the Criminal Records Bureau website, and follow the instructions there to obtain the right proofs.

  4. Pass a driving test

    Take the driving test, and get licensed. However, driving in Europe will be subject to different requirements, so retesting in the appropriate country may be required.

  5. Take a first aid course

    Learn how to provide first aid and how to resuscitate a child. Obtain a first aid certificate, as this helps convince parents that their children will be safe at all times. Contact the Red Cross to find out about appropriate first aid courses.

  6. Get references from previous employers

    Providing good references makes it easier to get employed anywhere, but this applies particularly to personal services such as being a nanny.

  7. Advertise

    Place leaflets in local supermarkets and post offices to advertise childcare services. Contact friends to find out if they know any parents who need a nanny. Use a friend's recommendation to obtain an initial local job if lacking references or previous experience as a nanny.

  8. Search for jobs on the Internet

    Look on appropriate websites and apply for any nanny jobs that are suitable. Tailor CVs and covering letters to each position to enhance the chances of success.