How Can You Become a Kid Model?


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Aspiring child models need to submit photos to modeling agencies, be wary of possible scams, meet with modeling firms and maintain realistic expectations about job prospects and income. Child modeling is an actual job that requires work and dedication, and it’s important for parents to know what they’re getting into.

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The first step is for parents to photograph their child and submit photos to different child modeling agencies. While the photos do not need to be professional, they should be in full-color and include both head and full-body shots. Parents should also include their child’s name, age, clothing size, eye color and hair color along with the photos. When submitting photos to agencies, it’s important for parents to watch out for potential scams. Avoid any agency that asks for money up front, and check to see that agencies are registered with the Better Business Bureau.

If an agency is interested in a child, they can help set up meetings with other modeling firms. These are typically short appointments during which personnel from the modeling firm meet with the child. The waits can often be long, however, and children may find themselves scheduled for multiple meetings a day. Even if a firm selects a child, it’s important for both parents and children to realize that very few child modeling jobs lead to extreme wealth or fame. Child models typically only work a few shoots per month and are often compensated in hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

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