How Can You Become a Computer Programmer for Free?

Become a computer programmer for free by taking courses from websites such as,,, and, as of 2015. Each site includes sections that cover different aspects of computer programming, including the syntax and uses for different programming languages, practical applications and examples to put the concepts into use.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers multiple free computer programming courses through its MIT Open Courseware program, all of which reflect the content and quality of its standard academic classes. You can find both general courses that cover basic concepts and in-depth instructional series on specific languages through the site; all courses are accessible at any time. offers full digital copies of the computer textbooks it uses in its courses on its website. These include the same organization as the chapters in the books, with full text and examples available.

Khan Academy is a free online educational system that offers full courses in several subjects, including computer programming. Some of its courses culminate in a certification from the entity. is a free online education platform that offers both standalone computer programming classes as well as full courses that offer a diploma. offers dozens of instructional articles that explain various aspects of coding and computer languages, though it does not function as an official educational entity.