How Can You Become a CIA Agent?

How Can You Become a CIA Agent?

Become a CIA agent by researching available career opportunities, submitting an online application, and undergoing examinations and a background check. Candidates must be U.S. citizens over 18 years of age, and the process may take years to complete.

  1. Research career positions

    Before completing an application, research positions the CIA is currently filling on the official CIA website. The CIA hires agents in a number of areas such as analysis, cybersecurity, data science, geography, cartography, clandestine service, information technology, legal services and medical services.

  2. Submit an application

    Create an online account on the CIA website. If you do not complete the application within three days, the account is disabled. You may apply for up to four specific positions that you are qualified for. Choosing positions that you do not have the skills or degrees for hinders the application process. Complete your application package by providing detailed information about yourself, including background, education, work history, military experience, proficiency in languages, security clearances, drug use and criminal convictions.

  3. Undergo examinations and background check

    If the CIA does not respond within 45 days, you are not offered a position. If it is interested, you may receive an email message or phone call. Go in for polygraph questioning as part of the background check and a thorough mental and physical examination. The entire application and acceptance process takes from two months to over a year.