How Can You Become a Certified Purchasing Manager?


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To become a certified purchasing manager, apply for one or more certification programs offered by the American Purchasing Society. Certifications include Certified Purchasing Professional and Certified Professional Purchasing Manager. You can also apply to be certified as a Green Purchasing Professional and Professional Purchasing Consultant. The certification process involves undergoing a review of ethical standards and financial responsibility, taking an exam and an evaluation of your academic achievements.

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Becoming a member of the American Purchasing Society is not necessary to apply for certification; however, members pay discounted fees for certification programs. When filling out application materials for a certification program, use good sentence composition and avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Purchasing professionals must have good communication skills and mistakes on your application can lead to disqualification. In addition to submitting an application, you must pass the Preparation for Certified Purchasing Professional Exam, the Preparation for the CPPM Exam or Preparation for the CGPP Exam, depending on what certification program you choose. Courses and exams are online.

Processing your certification application typically takes between 40 and 100 days, depending on the program. Applicants are awarded numerical points for various aspects of education and experience. These points are combined with your test score. Having a bachelors degree in accounting, economics or business helps your chances of being certified, as does having work experience as an assistant buyer or purchasing clerk.

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