How Can You Become a Budweiser Promotion Girl?


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To become a beverage promotional model and promote alcohol beverages such as Budweiser beer, a female must be over 21 years of age. Obtaining this type of specialized modeling work requires finding local beer brand distributors seeking models and putting in an application. Talent agencies that hire out beverage models are another avenue for finding Budweiser modeling jobs.

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Besides contacting local beer distributors, prospective models should look at online job sites under the promotional beverage model category. These sites often have several listings for modeling jobs for beer, wine and spirit companies. It is challenging to become a Bud Girl because of heavy competition. It may be necessary to work modeling jobs for other beverage companies in order to gain the experience to be a Bud Girl.

Bud Girls travel to various events, meeting people, signing autographs and discussing Budweiser history and benefits with consumers. Therefore, females interested in this line of work should not be shy around a crowd of strangers. It also requires an outgoing, friendly personality and the ability to get along with others under all sorts of conditions. Bud Girls are required to wear outfits such as shorts, t-shirts and bikinis, so a prospective model must feel comfortable revealing her body in form-fitting clothes.

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