How Can I Become an Actor in Hollywood?

can-become-actor-hollywood Credit: selimaksan/Vetta/Getty Images

Actors break into the business in many different ways, usually through training and the right connections, but also through luck. In any case, prospective actors must first learn how to act. People who want to act in Hollywood need to locate themselves within the vicinity to get the jump on opportunities like cattle calls and calls for extras in background scenes.

Many actors do not get discovered in Los Angeles. In fact, they find opportunities on the New York stage and build a reputation for themselves. In some cases, this stage work looks good on a resume or filmmakers write roles specifically for them. Actors may also look at other popular locations for film and television shoots where shows such as "True Detective," "Treme" and "True Blood" have filming locations.

Of course, connections also help potential actors get the roles they want and need to make names for themselves. Even those who do not yet have roles may join the Screen Actors Guild to make sure they have the necessary eligibility for Hollywood roles when they occur. Agents may also provide some useful connections to roles, but this means finding the right agent who gets results and has some scruples.