How Can You Get a Barclays L.L. Bean Visa Card?


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Individuals can apply to get an L.L. Bean visa card issued by Barclays Bank of Delaware by completing the application online, advises L.L. Bean. Barclays checks the applicant's credit history before making an approval decision and issuing a credit card.

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The online application form asks applicants for their name, contact information, residence status, occupation, income and Social Security information, states L.L. Bean. Prospective customers can also opt to receive paperless statements and news via email from L.L. Bean, and add an authorized card user during the application process. If approved, the credit card is delivered the next day by overnight mail.

As of 2015, customers can also request a balance transfer of $100 to $20,000 from another credit card upon approval, advises L.L. Bean. Balance transfers are processed 10 days after the credit card is issued. Barclays charges a balance transfer fee equal to the greater of $5 or 3 percent of the transfer amount.

Cardholders enjoy rewards equal to 1 percent of all purchases and 3 percent of purchases at L.L. Bean. There is no annual fee for the card, states L.L. Bean. Specific terms and interest rates vary based on the customer's credit rating. The annual percentage rate for purchases and balance transfers ranges from 13.99 to 19.99 percent.

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