Can Bad Customer Relations Hurt a Business?


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Poor customer relations can cause a business to lose its current and potential customers, reputation, employees and profits. Good customer relations include acknowledging customer loyalty, resolving issues in a timely manner and prioritizing excellent customer experiences.

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Poor customer service can cause even the most loyal customers to take their business elsewhere, as consumers generally want an easy and pleasant shopping experience. Potential customers may leave the business if they are talked down to, ignored or subjected to long lines. Such customers share their negative experiences with family and friends, resulting in missed potential revenue and a decline in reputation, both of which are essential for business success.

Because consumers often post reviews and feedback online, it's easy for others to form judgments about a business. Few customers are willing to patronize a business known for poor customer service, which negatively impacts the businesses’ sales and profits. This loss may lead to further problems such as increased operating debts or failure of the business. Good employment candidates may also prefer not to apply for a job at a business with poor customer service because it reflects negatively on the work environment. It is important for businesses to hire qualified staff and invest in providing customer service training.

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