How Can You Get Away With Not Paying Property Tax?


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A homeowner can avoid paying property tax or have some or all of her tax refunded if she qualifies for state tax-relief programs, according to HouseLogic. Individuals who don't qualify can take steps to reduce their property taxes, Investopedia notes.

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Many states offer property-tax exemption programs to reduce or eliminate homeowners' tax liabilities. A homestead exemption makes a portion of a property's value tax-free, HouseLogic explains. Senior citizens, veterans, the disabled and low-income individuals may qualify for rebates or refunds. Tennessee, for example, has a relief program that reimburses some or all taxes paid by select groups of homeowners, the state's comptroller of the treasury notes. Pennsylvania has a similar program, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Some states offer property-tax incentives to property owners who make environmentally friendly improvements, such as installing solar panels or geothermal heating systems, notes HouseLogic. Homeowners may find additional property-tax breaks by contacting their county tax assessor's office.

Those who don't qualify for programs that eliminate their taxes may be able to reduce them by reviewing their tax cards to look for errors that might be causing them to be overcharged, as stated by Investopedia. Other steps include removing sheds and pools because these structures are taxed. Taxpayers may also challenge their assessments if they think the assessments are too high, and then take steps to make their homes look more plain-vanilla inside and out. They can also point out their homes' flaws to the assessors who reassess the homes' values.

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