Where Can You Get Auto Electrical Training?

Mesa Community College, Midlands Technical College and Penn Foster Career School provide courses and training in servicing automotive electrical systems. These schools offer either full certificate programs in electrical systems or electrical training as part of an auto repair technician program. Each school's website details the requirements accompanying the training.

Mesa Community College in Arizona offers a Certificate of Completion in Automotive Electrical Systems that focuses on both coursework and practical training in servicing electrical systems, such as those connected to the brake or air conditioning systems. The courses have accreditation from the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation and correspond to requirements from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Midlands Technical College in South Carolina offers an Automotive Electrical Systems Repair Certificate that gives students hands-on experience working on cars in the automotive bay of the school's Beltway Campus. As of 2015, courses in the program include Electrical Systems, Automotive Electricity and Electrical Fundamentals.

Penn Foster Career School's electrical training is part of its online Auto Repair Technician Program. Students study using the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification preparation materials and can complete the program in six months. In addition to electrical systems, students study engine performance and repair, brakes and suspension, and steering.