Can Attending Airborne School Help Your Career?


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Individuals who attend Airborne School most likely do not see much benefit to their careers outside of the military. There are certain units of the U.S. Army that require a recruit to participate in airborne training, and in these cases, the education may help a soldier to develop a career within the armed forces. Otherwise, the Army claims there are no civilian jobs that require this specific experience.

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Some specialized non-military jobs that soldiers take after being discharged are similar to the work they do as airborne recruits, such as forest firefighting. However, these industries have their own forms of training that may force soldiers to forget some of their education from the military and relearn a company's specific techniques.

The skills required of an airborne trooper are still valuable and can be marketed to potential employers as character strengths. Examples include confidence, the ability to overcome fears, working well in team environments, functioning well in stressful situations and leading others. The divisions of the military that most commonly utilize airborne training are the Army's 82nd Airborne Division and the 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade. Regardless of a soldier's future career goals, attending Airborne School is still a good experience for personal development.

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