Where Can You Find Free ATMs?


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ATMs that do not add on a surcharge fee for withdrawing money are located in numerous areas in the United States. If using an out of network ATM is unavoidable, financial companies such as Allpoint Network and First Data Corporation's STAR locator can assist with finding surcharge-free ATMs. Sometimes free ATMs are located at gas stations, drug stores or convenience stores.

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Where Can You Find Free ATMs?
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Finding ATMs without surcharges requires research, and some mobile apps are available to help locate these machines. Typically, surcharge-free ATMs are part of individual networks such as Allpoint or STAR, which is why it's a good idea to search for as many local surcharge-free ATM locations as possible. Some areas of the country offer more opportunities to use free ATMs than others. The easiest way to avoid paying an ATM surcharge is to use ATMs associated with a bank account.

One way to increase the odds of finding a free ATM is to have more than one bank account. Opening an account at a local credit union or establishing an online banking account can open up additional ATM networks to consumers. Brokerage accounts are another option. If there are no surcharge-free ATMs in the area, consider getting cash back when using an ATM card to make purchases.

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