How Can You Get ASE Certification?


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You can get the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, better known as ASE, certification by taking a special test. This test may be a written exam or a computer-based exam.

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  1. Sign up for a testing time, and pay the fee

    The official ASE website has a list of available testing dates and times, as well as up-to-date fee information. There is a registration fee plus an additional fee for each test you take.

  2. Prepare for the exam

    Study for the exam. Find a prep guide that tells you what will be on the test and provides sample questions.

  3. Take the test

    Arrive at the testing center on time and well rested. It should take no more than a couple of hours. Things you need to bring include your registration ticket and a photo ID. The names on both documents must match. You cannot bring anything else with you,; pencils and scratch paper are provided.

  4. Get your results

    If you are taking a computer-based version of the exam, then your results should be available before you leave. If you are taking a written exam, the results may or may not be available the same day. If you pass the test, you are ASE certified.

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