How Can You Apply to Work for Premier Transportation?


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Apply to work for Premier Transportation by filling out an online application through the company's page on DriverAppOnline.com, which requires a Social Security number, work history, driving history and current driver's license number, as of 2015. It is also possible to submit a pre-qualification form to the company to join its community of potential drivers.

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To access the Premier Transportation online application, first visit PremierTransportation.com, and then click on the Driver Application link within the Drivers option of the main navigation bar. This loads the specific online application for the company on DriverAppOnline.com, which includes a list of all the information necessary to complete the process. The application includes sections that check driving history, including any tickets or arrests for reckless driving or other vehicle related incidents, along with a criminal background check. The form also asks for up to 10 years of employment history and up to three years of residence history.

After filling out the form, a member of the Premier Transportation team reviews the application and conducts additional checks on the information. The company lets applicants fill out a pre-qualification form that asks for personal details and general information about driving qualifications, such as the presence of a commercial driver's licence, and adds it to the company's database of potential drivers. As it experiences demand for drivers, it may contact applicants that pass the pre-qualification test for further interviews or applications.

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