How Can You Apply for Temporary Disability Benefits?


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You can apply for state temporary disability benefits in the states of California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Rhode Island and New York, according to Nolo. A few states offer temporary disability assistance for low-income citizens. Maryland offers housing, medical and cash assistance. Washington, D.C., offers a paid leave program.

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In order to apply for state temporary benefits in these states, you must get an application form from the state's employment development department or department of labor website, explains Nolo. You can also call these offices to ask for the application form. The human resources department in various companies may also be able to provide these application forms. You must complete your section of the form and then give it to your employer to complete the employer's section of the form. A doctor completes the remainder of the paperwork.

You must submit medical records with your application in order to be eligible for temporary disability benefits in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Rhode Island and New York. You must also show that you have worked at a company for between 30 days and six months, depending on the state, reports Nolo. Some states also have a minimum earnings requirement. You must also show that the injury or illness is not work-related.

Individuals from the other states that do not offer state temporary disability benefits can apply for short-term disability benefits through their workers' compensation programs or their private disability insurance, states Disability.gov.

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