How Can You Apply to Stuff Envelopes From Home for Free?


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To apply for free to a job stuffing envelopes from home, find local small businesses, attorneys or real estate agencies advertising for this kind of position and call to determine the application process. Look at job boards online, or go in person to local small businesses to ask about openings.

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Some other businesses to consider are mortgage brokers, insurance agents and accountants. Many of these small companies and businesses send marketing materials in the mail to local residents and hire remote employees for a few hours a week to handle the mailers. Some require hand-addressed envelopes for a personalized approach. When visiting local businesses or speaking with businesses friends or family refer you to, develop a legitimate business pitch to sell your services.

When negotiating pay, expect to make a little more than minimum wage. Some businesses pay per hour, while others pay per stuffed envelope. If the business asks for hand-addressed envelopes, expect to be paid a little more. To earn a full-time income, acquire multiple clients and create an organized schedule to fulfill all orders on time and on budget.

Avoid envelope stuffing scams from companies promising a large income online or through advertisements. Many scams require you to pay a fee to access work. Many also include a prerequisite to sell the service to other people to earn a commission. Once you complete these tasks, there is little to no work to be found. Research all companies through the Better Business Bureau to learn if it is legitimate or has open complaints.

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