How Can You Apply for a Skyline Debit Card?


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Apply for a Skylight debit card by completing the enrollment form. All information requested on the form is required, including name, address, date of birth and other identifying information.

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Identifying documents are required at the time of application. These include a driver?s license or other acceptable identifying documents. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a permanent address. A credit check is not required.

The applicant must return the completed form to his employer. Signing the enrollment form means that he has chosen to use the Skylight PayOptions Program and has had the opportunity to review the plan agreement, privacy policy and fee schedule in advance of signing the form. Signing the form authorizes the bank to establish the account and the employer to deposit wages into the account at regular intervals.

Payers must use direct deposit for the initial deposit. After the initial deposit, Skylight accepts money in the form of money orders, wire transfers or via MoneyGram ExpressPayment. If the cardholder changes employers, he is able to take the card to the new employer. Cardholders are able to open a joint account to include another person, such as a spouse. Subaccounts can be opened for children or others, and money is transferred from the main account to the subaccount.

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