How Can You Apply for a Mortgage With Quicken Loans?


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To apply for a mortgage with Quicken Loans, visit the Quicken Loans website (QuickenLoans.com) or call the company's toll-free number (800) 251-9080, as of August 2015. Provide some basic information, including the type of mortgage you are seeking, the amount of money you are looking to borrow, and the estimated value of the home.

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The Quicken Loans website explains several steps to obtaining a mortgage. After receiving your initial contact by phone or online, Quicken matches you with a home loan expert to guide you through the mortgage process. They then run a credit check, analyze your finances, propose a loan option, and provide an estimate. If you accept the estimate, Quicken prepares your application, and you make a deposit to cover the costs of processing the loan. Quicken then underwrites your loan, verifying all financial information, as a third-party appraises the property. The final step is to schedule the closing and sign the papers for your new mortgage.

As of 2015, Quicken is the largest online retail mortgage lender and the second-largest online retail mortgage lender in the United States, according to the company website.

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