How Can You Apply for Medicare?

How Can You Apply for Medicare?

There is an online portal on the government's Medicare website which allows people to apply for Medicare and Medicare Part A and Part B over the Internet. This is a feature designed to encourage engagement by senior citizens and others who require coverage but may have difficulty finding transportation or figuring out paperwork.

Signing up for Medicare via the Internet is relatively simple. The Medicare website streamlines the process for ease of access. Some people are automatically enrolled in Medicare 3 months before their 65th birthday or 25th month of qualified disability.

  1. Assess eligibility
  2. The first step in applying for Medicare is assessing one's eligibility. Various factors can qualify a person for Medicare, including continuing to work past retirement age and conditions like end-stage renal disease. These factors can enable an individual to apply for Medicare.

  3. Fill out forms
  4. The next step in application is to either fill out the online application form, a simple matter which demands only basic contact and identification information, or to call Medicare and request a paper application.

  5. Await assessment
  6. Medicare considers each application before granting the cover. The final step in application is to simply wait for assessment while evaluators consider an application's viability and whether or not to accept the candidate in question.