Who Can Apply for Medicaid?


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Any citizen in need of assistance who meets income eligibility for his state, and is below the asset limit, can apply for Medicaid. A felony record or history of misusing government benefits may bar an otherwise eligible person from receiving aid.

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Every state has an income limit for Medicaid eligibility, ranging anywhere from about 130 percent of the federal poverty threshold to 300 percent, as of 2014. The exact limit changes regularly based on current needs. Children have higher income limits than adults, allowing them to receive coverage even in some households where income is too high for adult eligibility. States with expanded Medicaid have higher limits to bridge the gap between Medicaid and Affordable Care Act eligibility.

The asset limit for most states is $2,000, as of 2014. This includes all investment instruments, real estate and other assets of value. Some states include a residence and vehicle in the asset count or have additional requirements for homeowners. Recently sold assets may be added to the total based on fair market value. Applicants are expected to exhaust all resources before applying for aid and may be required to liquidate assets that are over the limit before becoming eligible for Medicaid.

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