How Can You Apply for Crown Land in Ontario, Canada?


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To apply for a tenure on Crown land in Ontario, Canada, contact the ministry district office that is closest in location to the desired land for approval, as the Government of Ontario's website explains. As of 2015, it is not possible to apply to rent or buy Crown land for private, recreational or residential use.

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To apply for a work permit for projects on Crown land, first fill out part one on the Application for Work Permit, which is available as a PDF online, according to the Government of Ontario's website. Applicants must sign and date the application. Parts two through five of the application are also available online, and they require information about building construction, working within a body of water, road or trail construction, or water crossings if they pertain to the project. Applicants must attach a plan or sketch of the proposed project to the application.

After submitting the application for a work permit to the local ministry district office, staff at the ministry review and approve the application with or without certain conditions, as the website for the Government of Ontario notes. A work permit may require approval from other organizations, such as the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, or a local conservation authority depending on the project.

Neither a tenure nor work permit grant ownership of the land to the applicant, as the Government of Ontario details. It is possible to apply for an easement or lease of Crown land or for a license of occupation with a local ministry.

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