Where Can You Apply for a Credit Card?


Customers can apply for a credit card online through traditional financial companies, such as Discover and Capitol One, or they can apply through a local financial establishment, such as a Bank of America branch, suggests U.S. News & World Report. CreditCards.com also offers a way to search through existing credit card offers for the right fit, and the website links with banks and issuers to offer online applications, states CreditCards.com.

Credit cards such as the Discover It student credit card, the Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card and the Sallie Mae MasterCard act as beginner credit lines to help customers build good credit, as of 2015, states NerdWallet. The Discover It student card has no annual fee and offers 5-percent cash back on select purchases, such as gas and groceries. The Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card also has no annual fee, and it offers a cash-back bonus for paying the bill on time.

Customers in search of a credit line that fits their specific needs can compare offers on CreditCards.com, a free interactive website that provides advice, tools and news on current credit card offers. Categories of credit cards listed on the site range from those with low rates and fees and travel rewards to those geared toward credit quality, according to the website.