How Can You Apply for a Link Card?


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Apply for a Link card at the Illinois Department of Human Services, or DHS, website by downloading an application form for cash assistance or SNAP, filling it in, and mailing or taking it to the local Family Community Resource Center. Around seven days after receiving the application, the center calls you for an interview and for further evidence of your identity, residence and Social Security number, according to the DHS website.

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The Family Community Resource Center sends successful applicants a Link card through the mail, which allows the applicant access to his benefits via ATMs and point of sale terminals. DHS does not send customers a pin number, explains its website. To set up a pin number, customers must phone the toll-free help line listed on the DHS website. To use the card, tell the cashier whether you want to use your SNAP or cash account, and then enter the pin into the machine.

Customers can also access their account online where they can check their balance and report a lost or stolen card, notes the DHS website. To use their account, they must provide their Social Security number, date of birth and the 19-digit number printed on front of their card.

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