Can You Apply for an AEO Credit Card Online?

Can You Apply for an AEO Credit Card Online?

The American Eagle Outfitters credit card application is available online. AEO offers a credit card and a Visa credit card, as of 2015. The AEO Visa credit card has additional savings, and customers can use it wherever Visa is accepted, as noted on AEO's website.

AEO automatically enrolls all online applicants in its AEREWARDS program, which customers can use to earn points and spend on future purchases, as stated on its website. Follow the steps below to apply for an AEO credit card online.

  1. Access the AEO credit card page
  2. Go to AEO's website by using a browser, and click the "AEO Credit Cards" link found in the page footer.

  3. Review the credit card information
  4. Learn more about the cards by clicking the arrows to scroll through the savings and benefits section. Click the "Apply Now" button to access the online application.

  5. Complete the application
  6. Select a card and its design, and then complete all of the fields in the "About You" section. Choose a statement delivery method, enter the verification details and review the credit terms in the "Important Information" section. Read the application agreement and check the box under the "Applicant Signature" section. Click the "Accept & Submit" button to proceed.

  7. Confirm the information
  8. Confirm that the information provided is accurate, and then proceed to view the results.