Where Can You Find Apartments for Rent to People With Evictions on Their Credit Reports?


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People with evictions on their credit reports can find apartments by browsing private rental listings or by getting referrals from family members or friends, advises Realtor.com. Private property owners are sometimes more flexible when it comes to renting apartments to people with evictions on their credit reports.

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Landlords renting private homes are not bound by rigid rules for screening tenants, and individuals with evictions need to find landlords that don't bother doing background or credit checks, reports Realtor.com. Some private landlords are satisfied with proof of employment, and others may require bad credit applicants to pay higher rents or put down a large security deposit as a safety precaution. Likewise, an understanding family member or friend can provide referrals and character references. Individuals can enlist the help of an apartment broker to screen apartments and find lenient landlords.

To counter the negative effects of an eviction, the potential renter can solicit references from previous landlords who are likely to be supportive. Similarly, employers and people with good standing in the community are strong character references, notes Realtor.com. Getting another person with good credit to co-sign the lease contract is another option, but the co-signer is then responsible for covering rent if the tenant doesn't pay. Repairing credit reports by paying rent and bills on time is a good way to build trust again as a renter.

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