How Can You Find an Apartment for 200 to $250 Per Month in Tuscaloosa?

How Can You Find an Apartment for 200 to $250 Per Month in Tuscaloosa? and are two valuable resources that can be used to quickly find cheap apartments in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Local listings, and word-of-mouth are a more likely way to find an apartment for under $250 in Tuscaloosa. has a filter that allows you to search for apartments within a specific price range. The search tool allows users to choose a maximum amount of $400, as of 2015, which reveals apartments under that price. A similar price filter tool on shows apartments with $500 maximum. Both of these websites are good tools to find apartments for rent, but may not be the best bet for finding an apartment for such a low price.

Local ads and classifieds in local newspapers are a likely source for cheap apartments. There may also be someone trying to sublease an apartment in a classified ad, which would typically go for a cheaper price than a normal apartment. is also a viable source for a cheap apartment, although apartments listed for rent under $250 are rare in Tuscaloosa, based on the website's search tools. Craigslist allows users to input a minimum and maximum price, as well as the preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and to filter results by criteria such as pets, smoking and wheelchair accessibility.